Episode No. 1 Dylan Denicke

“I hate Yelp, but not for the reasons you would think.”

The first episode of FoodBrews is here! Co-hosts Markus and David invites Dylan Denicke, San Francisco Bay Area restauranteur to talk about food and brews. In addition to his expertise in owning a meat and charcuterie restaurants and shucking oysters, Dylan also has his share of frustrations with Yelp reviews; every restaurant’s worst nightmare. Markus, David and Dylan also discuss topics about the San Francisco restaurant culture as well as favorite beers.

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“Yelp is such a necessary evil in the restaurant world.”

Transcript Episode No. 1 Dylan Denicke

Markus: Hi, welcome to the first episode of FoodBrews. Before we start with our first guest, David, can you explain a little bit about FoodBrews?

David: FoodBrews came about because Markus and I met at one of the food tech events that I host. At the event, we were talking about what we both like, and we realized we both like podcasts, as well as “food and brews,” or alcohol—and we thought why not make an episode about food and alcohol? So we can enjoy food and brews together.

M: Food and brewery: a good combination!

D: Especially since you’re from Germany, it makes perfect sense.

M: I love… beer, especially.

D: Yeah, and it’s fun because we get to interview all kinds of restaurant and brewery people, and anyone we want.


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